• A Brand is a Story that Never Stops Unfolding


    If your brand is ever unfolding, then why do we accept stagnant websites…the face of our brand? Until recently, websites used to only be designed and updated by a web developer, someone who knows the super-secret language of coding. While all of that is great, what happens when you spend $10K+ (yes, I have spent this much on a website before), and then you brand story evolves, or you pivot in your business?

    Does that mean you need to spend thousands of more dollars so that someone can go in and “code” a new subpage, or change something on your existing pages? Well, in the past, yes … that is exactly what it meant.

    I have websites out there that I have paid for, that I can’t do anything with, because the brand has changed. It’s evolved and I can’t go into the site and make any visual changes all because I had it custom-made with a bunch of code that is a complete foreign language to me.

    There’s a problem with that. You can’t make updates to your own site. You must spend more money just to have something updated or changed. And you must wait until the developer has time to put it on his “schedule” before he can go in and make the changes you need.

    This can be a money drain.

    But what’s the alternative? You stick with your $10K website that no longer represents your brand message…your brand story?

    Look guys – the world is changing. It’s faster. It’s better. It’s more instantaneous. Shouldn’t your website be able to keep up?

    Don’t get me wrong … web developers are INVALUABLE! But what if you could design your entire site on your own? Or at least get it 80% of the way there? Then, a developer could come in and smooth some things out for you if needed.

    I developed our Million Dollar Brand website (www.yourmilliondollarbrand.com) in less than 48 hours. Hey, when you know the psychology behind your brand, it makes it easy to get your look down and up on a website.

    But more than that…I am not a website designer. I am not a website developer. I have ZERO coding capabilities. Yet, I got a website up in less than 48 hours that rivals those that you pay multiple thousands of dollars for. Oh and guess what? It’s not a crappy Wix or free Go Daddy site…nope, it’s a WORDPRESS site!

    You can have this too! And you can have 100% control over designing your site that’s right for you, or even just adding a little update when needed. Isn’t this the way it should be?

    After all, Tony Hsieh said it best…” A BRAND IS A STORY THAT NEVER STOPS UNFOLDING.”

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