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  • Business Lessons - From Mom

    by Amy Dix Building a business can be hard…extremely hard. There are late nights. Nights when you don’t get any sleep simply because your mind is spinning with ideas. There are times when you want to quit. Then

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    Employees Vs. Independent Contractors and Avoiding Prison Time

    As you grow your Million Dollar Brand, you may have to start hiring people. The question is: Are these people hired as employees or independent contractors? During tax season, I wanted to share a common mis-practice

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    A Brand is a Story that Never Stops Unfolding

    “A BRAND IS A STORY THAT NEVER STOPS UNFOLDING.” –Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) If your brand is ever unfolding, then why do we accept stagnant websites…the face of our brand? Until recently,

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